This is a demonstration site with various online resources and downloads of examples.

The focus is on providing communities with tools to facilitate developing XML, Open Data and NIEM based information sharing solutions. provides examples of using open public standards and open source software for handling, generating and validation of Open Data business information exchanges using XML, JSON and NIEM.
The VerifyXML approach implements the open public OASIS Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM) specifications along with the approach for government information sharing.
Examples include XML test bed services and Open Data exchange web service APIs including both XML and JSON.

Hosting on this site is using Glassfish and MySQL with NetBeans interfaces.
Supporting Resources

The site utilizes a variety of open source technology and resources to enable open data information sharing including:
  • CAMV
  • XSLT
  • CAM Editor
Please see each individual toolset for specific terms of use.

All resources are provided strictly "as is" for illustrative purposes only and no warranties or functionality are intended or apply. Please see the legal notices page for further details.

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